Professionals of business and financial arrangements

Professionals of business and financial arrangements

We offer advisory and consulting services for business and capital arrangements. We assist in mergers and acquisitions as well as with rearrangements of business structures and ownership. We also help companies find funding.

Advisory and consulting services

Mergers and acquisitions

We work as the client’s strategic partner in different phases of a business arrangement. Our advisory services can cover the buyer’s or seller’s entire project management or be related to the implementation of a certain section of the business arrangement or the evaluation of its impacts.

Companies’ structural arrangements

Advisory services for structural arrangements cover the planning of mergers, divisions and business transfers as well as their executive services. We help our clients evaluate the effects of structural arrangements from the perspective of business and taxation as well as from other essential viewpoints.

Ownership rearrangements and generational changes

We advise the client in various ownership rearrangement situations. Such situations may include, for example, generational changes, management buyouts or other ownership rearrangements. In the most usual cases, we help the client or shareholders evaluate different options, such as whether to carry out a generational change or sell the company. Based on the possible evaluation, we will then help the client implement the chosen arrangement.

Capital arrangements and financing

We act as the client's advisor in gathering both equity and debt financing. In the most usual cases, we advise a growth-stage company in acquiring the capital it needs to grow. Other situations may include the financing of investments and acquisitions or the rearrangements of the ownership-base of a company.

Consulting services

We also do special assignments relating to financial advisory in e.g. company valuation. We conduct our valuations using the best information services and broadly accepted methodologies in order to derive a market- and cash flow-based value for a company.

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