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Corporate Finance.

We advise our clients Corporate Finance -areas, such as financial due diligence, financing rounds, structural arrangements and key personnel incentive schemes. While our services focus on total transaction advisory, we are happy to support our clients in more limited, yet often equally important decisions and scopes.  

Financial due diligence

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target company’s financial situation and performance, highlighting risks and verifying the accuracy of the acquirer’s assumptions about the business. We systematically review the target’s financial history and current status, identifying potential risks that need to be addressed in the process.

Typically, we work closely with legal advisors to ensure that Due Diligence -findings are appropriately reflected in the transaction documentation.

Structural arrangements

Various structural arrangements, such as business transfers, share exchanges, divisions, or generational transitions, often arise when there is a need to modify the company’s structure for operational, financial or perhaps taxation reasons. Structural arrangements are comprehensive undertakings that involve considerations of corporate law, taxation, financial and frequently also operational aspects. With years of experience, we understand and address the complexities of structural arrangements to ensure the best possible outcome.

Key personnel incentive schemes

Securing the continuity and long-term development of a company’s knowhow is a key factor in value creation. Simultaneously, the realization of key personnel risks can potentially jeopardize an entire business. Thus, it is essential to retain valuable employees.

Effective retention tools include e.g. equity and option-based incentive schemes. Our task is to ensure that even seemingly complex retention mechanisms are seamlessly constructed and tailored to your specific needs.

Capital raising

We execute fundraising rounds for Finnish growth companies and support other capital raising activities, such as debt financing negotiations. Our growth financing process is particularly refined for Series A-level rounds, but we also support smaller fundraising rounds as part of a broader growth financing path.

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