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A-lehdet Oy Laine Publishing Oy

A-lehdet acquires the majority of an international pioneer in craft media Laine Publishing Oy – Neuvoa advisor to the buyer

Neuvoa had the honor of once again advising the A-lehdet -group in a transaction where A-lehdet acquired the majority of Laine Publishing Oy. Laine Publishing is a magazine and book publisher from Tampere, which has since 2016 grown from a passion project of two women to an internationally recognized small publisher. Laine’s selection includes the knitting magazine Laine, which is sold across 50 countries globally, and a variety of knitting-, handicraft- and lifestyle literature. With the transaction, A-lehdet continues their growth strategy in the media business.

“It’s wonderful that Laine gets to take its next steps with the support of A-lehdet. We value the decades of experience and expertise of the traditional media group and believe that by joining forces, we can serve craft enthusiasts even better and more comprehensively,” says Jonna Hietala, CEO of Laine Publishing.

“Crafts have an international hobbyist community, which Laine serves exceptionally well with its products. Laine has demonstrated that Finnish media can become international when it reaches its own passionate audience. The popularity of craft media has grown in recent years, and together we can build an international future for Finnish craft and lifestyle media,” says Anna Ruohonen, business director of A-lehdet.

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