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Leaddesk Oyj Länsilinkki Oy

LeadDesk Oyj acquires Länsilinkki Oy - Neuvoa advisor to the Sellers

Neuvoa was the financial advisor to the Sellers as the listed LeadDesk Oyj acquired Länsilinkki Oy. The Sellers included Finnish telecom -companies Lounea Oy, Vakka-Suomen Puhelin Oy, Kaisanet Oy, Paraisten Puhelin Oy, Kemiön Puhelin Oy and LPOnet Osk Anl. With the acquisition, LeadDesk strengthens their teleoperator business (CPaaS – Communication Platform as a Service -business) and increases their competitiveness and service offering in the operator business. At the same time, LeadDesk’s R&D will benefit from Länsilinkki’s deep expertise in the space of demanding technical platforms.

“With the acquisition we are one of Finland’s largest teleoperators, and of considerable size also on the Nordic scale. Länsilinkki relays 180 million minutes of speech per year, and together we will relay over 430 million minutes of speech per year”, says LeadDesk’s CEO Olli Nokso-Koivisto. “As an operator, we will benefit from considerable economies of scale, and on the medium term can also take these learnings to other countries.”

“Länsilinkki once had an important role in the business of telecom companies. Our industry has undergone significant changes since speech transferred from wire to mobile. Länsilinkki’s owners have been at the centre of this change, and our present business leans heavily on optical fibre networks. Even though Länsilinkki is still a good company, ownership does not currently align with our strategy. As Länsilinkki’s important client LeadDesk is sure to be an excellent home for the company. We believe that Länsilinkki’s strong expertise and knowhow are a natural fit to LeadDesk’s growth story”, says Lounea’s CEO Veli-Matti Viitanen.

More information on the acquisition from LeadDesk’s press release:—-v,c3797779