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MarkkinointiAkatemia MAK Oy Aucor Oy

MarkkinointiAkatemia MAK Oy has acquired the share capital of Aucor Oy – Neuvoa Advisors advisor to the sellers

MarkkinointiAkatemia MAK Oy has acquired the entire share capital of Aucor Oy. Neuvoa Advisors Oy operated as the financial advisor for Aucor Oy from the beginning of the project until the end, handling the buyer contact process, overall coordination of the sales process and contract negotiations.

Founded 12 years ago, Aucor Oy is one of the leading WordPress agencies in Finland with customers from the largest companies and brands in the country. Established in 2013, MarkkinointiAkatemia MAK Oy is a rapidly growing digital marketing agency, that assists companies in digital customer acquisition and advises them on marketing management and analytics utilization.

“Under the guidance of Neuvoa Advisors Oy, the project proceeded purposefully and clearly. The communication was good and regular. Although acquisitions in general are long processes, the result was as desired in this one. It is clear that without the advice and contacts of Neuvoa Advisors Oy, the deal would not have been completed. A strong recommendation! ”- Janne Jääskeläinen, Aucor Oy

After the acquisition, MarkkinointiAkatemia MAK Oy will employ over 100 people and it becomes one of Finland’s largest WordPress agencies. Together, Aucor and MAK form an unbeatable team as digital marketing experts in the Finnish market.