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Visma Suomen Vesitieto Oy

Visma expands its public sector software offering by acquiring the share capital of Suomen Vesitieto Oy – Neuvoa Advisors acted as the financial advisor to the sellers

The Nordic software company Visma is acquiring the share capital of Suomen Vesitieto Oy. The target’s solution is an advanced SaaS product designed specifically for water management, providing the market’s most modern and seamless tools for customer data management and invoicing. The product is also applicable in other infrastructure areas, such as heating-, gas-, and waste management. The company’s clients include all major water companies, and the service reaches over a million Finnish water end users.

“Public sector customers seek proven and reliable software to secure their business and support their development. In this environment, services like Vesitieto, designed directly for the specific needs of certain customer groups, demonstrate their strength. Suomen Vesitieto complements Visma’s public sector offering in Finland, which already includes services for education administration, personnel administration, financial administration, personal assistance and care management, as well as environmental maintenance,” says Jukka Holm, responsible for Visma’s public sector offering in Finland.

Neuvoa Advisors acted as the sellers’ financial advisor in the arrangement. One of the sellers, Harri Kaijalainen, CEO of Suomen Vesitieto, commented on the completed arrangement: “Our business has grown significantly, and our customers have been satisfied. Through our service, we have been able to facilitate the daily operations of water utilities and bring in more efficiency and real-time monitoring, of which we are truly proud. We want to ensure that our solution remains the best on the market and that we can expand into the areas of heating, gas, and waste management. We believe that Visma can best support this development.”

Through the transaction, Visma gains a significant new product and is able to offer services in the area of municipal water supply. With the acquisition, Visma also welcomes 13 new employees and an estimated revenue of 2.3 million euros in 2023.

Neuvoa Advisors congratulates the entrepreneurs of Suomen Vesitieto on their remarkable growth story, and the buyer on this exciting new business!

For more information about the arrangement, refer to Visma’s announcement:,c3906174