Neuvoa Advisors

We are your strategic partner in inorganic growth.

We assist strategic acquirers and private equity investors throughout an acquisition process, from identifying targets to closing the deal and integrating the target. Our focus is on fostering long-term client relationships and in providing a flexible service that provides real value to our clients.

Strategic or programmatic acquisitions

We offer professional advice tailored for the customers’ needs, from individual strategic acquisitions to planned acquisition programs and programmatic M&A. We are known for our long-term partnerships with various Finnish acquirers.

We understand our clients’ varied resources and needs, and can provide value from complete project management and execution all the way to advising on individual areas such as valuation, due diligence, deal structuring or specific purchase price issues.

Financial due diligence investigations

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target company’s financial situation and performance, ensuring that its financial performance matches the buyer’s expectations and assumptions. We systematically review the target’s financial development and current situation, identifying any risks that should be considered in the process, contract negotiations or the purchase price.

We typically work closely with legal advisors to ensure that due diligence findings are optimally incorporated into the transaction documentation. We ensure that our client’s limited time is used efficiently while ensuring that the observations relevant to the transaction are identified.

Deal structure and valuation

For an acquirer, achieving value creation objectives relies heavily on the paid consideration and the target’s business risks. Often, to agree on valuation and close the deal, distributing risk through deal structuring is critical.

We have extensive experience in structuring deals and valuing companies. We understand the characteristics of each transaction and recommend the optimal structure to close the transaction and increase shareholder value.

Integration support

A successful acquisition that meets value creation objectives requires systematic preparation for the integration of the target post-closing. We support the client in planning and managing the integration process to ensure seamless operational continuity. A successful integration process is a key factor in maximizing the value of an acquisition – the first few months after a transaction are critical for maximizing long-term value creation.

Our company has strong evidence of successful business acquisitions:

acquires the electricity business of
acquires guardrail business of
acquires 3rd party network operating business of
acquires the business of Polar Office Oy
acquires the business of
acquires the electricity retail business of
acquires the electricity retail business of
acquires Institute of Applied Economics and Health Research ApS

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